2014, Cilt 27, Sayı 3, Sayfa(lar) 178-183
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Translation into Turkish of the expanded version of the “Brief Infant Sleep Questionnaire” and its application to infants
Perran BORAN1, Pınar AY2, Azad AKBARZADE1, Selda KÜÇÜK1, Refika ERSU1
1Department of Pediatrics, Marmara University Hospital, Ust Kaynarca, Pendik, Istanbul, Turkey
2Department of Public Health, School of Medicine, Marmara University, Başıbüyük, Maltepe, Istanbul, Turkey

Objective: Infant sleep problems are among the most common problems presented to pediatricians. The expanded version of the “Brief Infant Sleep Questionnaire” is a questionnaire developed by Sadeh for assessing sleep problems and their causes in early childhood. We have translated this questionnaire and assessed sleep problems and their causes among infants.

Patients and Methods: The translation process was undertaken with the consent of the author. The final translated questionnaire was evaluated using a sample of 121 infants.

Results: The parents of 11.6% of the infants considered their infants’ sleep to be a very serious problem, 22.3% had a small problem, and 66.1% had no problem at all. According to the poor sleeper criteria suggested by Sadeh, 32.2% (39) infants were considered as poor sleepers. In a logistic regression analysis sleeping in the parent’s bed was associated with sleeping poorly. The mother’s perception of the infant’s sleep as a problem correlated with infant’s sleep problem criteria suggested by Sadeh.

Conclusion: Test results provide preliminary evidence that the Turkish translation is acceptable and understandable for assessing sleep problems during early childhood.

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